Invisalign treatment is a removable orthodontic treatment that can treat a variety of orthodontic issues quickly and esthetically.  There are no wires or brackets used and since the treatment is removable, patients can maintain excellent oral hygiene that is hard to do with fixed orthodontic treatment.  Since 2004, Dr. Vlahos, who is an Invisalign Preferred Provider has treated over 230 patients with a variety of problems ranging from front teeth crowding, spacing in front teeth and bite issues.  As well, there are ways of accelerating the Invisalign treatment with Acceledent, a new technology that decreases treatment time to less than 12 months for many cases.  Come in for a complimentary no obligation consultation, we even offer a no obligation digital scan of your teeth so you can virtually see what your teeth will look like at the end of the Invisalign treatment.

Thank you so much for my beautiful new smile. All of you were amazing throughout the two year process of Invisalign. You are the best!“ – Tiffany G

How does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Your Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth.

Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

When you change to the next set of aligners (typically every week) your teeth gradually move into position, following a custom treatment plan mapped out by your doctor.

Only Invisalign clear aligners are made of proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack® material to gently shift your teeth into place.

Treatment Process

From consultation to confident new smile, you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

1) Your first consultation:

Choosing Invisalign treatment is an important dental and financial decision, so it’s essential that you find the right doctor for you. Dr. Vlahos has provided Invisalign treatment to the patients of St. Catharines and the Niagara region since 2004.  His Preferred Provider status with Invisalign exemplifies his knowledge and expertise with this removable orthodontic treatment.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Vlahos will discuss your needs and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

2) Your custom treatment plan:

Dr. Vlahos will use a scanner such as the iTero® digital scanning system (iTero Element) to create fast, precise 3D digital images of your teeth.

Then Dr. Vlahos will map out a precise treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth and how long your treatment will be. You’ll even get to see how your teeth will move and preview your new smile. This preview will be based on computer modeling which is called a “Clincheck” .  This can even be sent to you so you can see how your teeth will move at home.  Share the Clincheck with your family and friends so that everyone can see your changes!

3) Your Invisalign clear aligners:

Your custom-made aligners will be made of our proprietary SmartTrack® material. They’re virtually invisible, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Wear your Invisalign clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day for the best results, taking them out to eat and to brush and floss.

4) Your progress:

As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gently and gradually shift into place. Dr. Vlahos may recommend that you begin wearing a new set of aligners every week and schedule check-ups every six weeks or so.

At every stage, you’ll be able to see your progress and imagine how far your new smile will take you.

5) Taking care of your new smile:

When your treatment is complete, ask Dr. Vlahos about a Vivera® retainer. Vivera retainers are custom-made using the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign clear aligners.

Treatable Cases

Is Invisalign® treatment appropriate for you? For the majority of cases, the answer is yes. Invisalign treatment is clinically proven to be effective for a broad range of teeth straightening cases, from mild to complex. And, Invisalign is continuously innovating to expand that range and get even better results. Dr. Vlahos has treated many different kinds of cases and has experience with many different tooth position problems.

These are some common concerns Dr. Vlahos treats with Invisalign clear aligners:

Gapped Teeth




Gaps between teeth can occur with abnormal continued growth of the jawbone. Missing teeth can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift due to the extra space, creating gaps in your teeth. Spacing issues and gaps between teeth can lead to gum problems (due to lack of protection by the teeth), periodontal pockets and increased risk of periodontal disease.





Overbite occurs when the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth. It’s typically caused by genetics, bad oral habits, or overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth. This can lead to gum problems or irritation, and/or wear on the lower teeth, and can cause painful jaw and joint problems.

Overly Crowded

overly crowded



Teeth crowding occurs when there is simply a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally. When left untreated, overly crowded teeth can get worse over time, and result in severely crooked teeth. This crowding can lead to plaque accumulation, tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease.





Crossbite can occur when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and the sides of the mouth. This can cause wear of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss.

Living with Invisalign Aligners

One of the best things about Invisalign® treatment is the minimal impact it has on your everyday life. Since the aligners are so comfortable, you should be able to wear them for the recommended 20 to 22 hours a day without much effort. Here are some comments from people going through treatment:

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The aligners are easily removable, so you can continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Cleaning your aligners is just as easy with the Invisalign cleaning kit. Or you can simply brush and rinse them in lukewarm water. That’s it! Achieving that great smile couldn’t be easier!


You’ll also remove the aligners each time you eat. This means you can continue to eat all the foods you love without any restrictions or worrying about food getting stuck in your wires and brackets. With other teeth-straightening methods, the simple act of eating can often be troublesome.

Playing Sports

For those who are active in contact sports, Invisalign clear aligners let you play without the worry of sharp brackets cutting your mouth. If your sport requires wearing a protective mouthguard, simply remove your aligners and you’re good to go!

Easy Cleaning

Your bedtime routine can continue as before, with the simple addition of cleaning your aligners. You won’t be struggling with trying to floss and brush in between brackets and wires, which can be time-consuming.

The Invisalign® Advantage

While the results may appear the same—a confident, beautiful smile—when you stop and actually compare Invisalign treatment to other teeth-straightening options, the advantages become quite apparent. See why more than 4 million people have trusted the world’s most advanced clear aligner system to achieve their best smile.


 Invisalign Clear AlignersBracesOther Clear Aligners
Treats simple to complex cases
Proprietary SmartTrack® material for more predictable, controlled tooth movements
Virtually invisible
Removable aligners so you can enjoy all the foods and activities you love, and brush and floss easily
No injuries due to broken wires or brackets
No pain from sharp brackets and wires
Easier to see results at every stage of treatment
Frees up your busy schedule with office visits only every four to six weeks
Covered by many orthodontic insurance plans2
Teens in treatment are 2x more likely to have a boost in self-esteem 3
Blue indicator dots for teens to monitor compliance
Invisalign Teen Guarantee: If unsatisfied with treatment within the first six months, switch to braces at no additional cost4
Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a confident smile. According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental health.  Think about it — a smile can hardly be perfect if it’s not a healthy one. Fortunately, with Invisalign®, having a confident smile and reducing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease go hand in hand.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Swollen, red gums can often be the result of having teeth that are crowded or too widely spaced. Unfortunately, these are also signs of periodontal disease. When teeth are properly aligned, it helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, allowing for the strongest and healthiest defence against potential periodontal problems. That’s where Invisalign comes in. The comfortable and clear aligners gently and gradually begin to move your teeth into the proper position — without unsightly brackets and wires.

Easier Cleaning

One of the biggest challenges of having braces is removing all the food that gets trapped in the brackets and wires. This can often lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so it’s easy to continue brushing and flossing your teeth the way you normally do.

Overall Health

Think of your teeth as a window to the health of your body. Your teeth and gums — and how they look to others when you smile—say a lot about your overall health. If you’re taking good care of both, you’re probably taking good care of the rest of you.

Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria. Left untreated, they can cause mouth sores, tender or bleeding gums, bad breath, and possible tooth loss. Studies by the American Dental Association have shown that oral infections can also lead to other more serious ailments such as heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and diabetes. Invisalign aligners make daily oral hygiene easier, thus reducing the risk of possible problems. And correctly aligned teeth can also alleviate the issues that can be caused by an improper bite, speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems, and increased wear on the tooth enamel. Invisalign effectively addresses all of these orthodontic issues, so you’ll have the confidence of a great smile and increase the likelihood of improved oral health.

What Does Invisalign Cost?

Your smile is an investment in yourself!

The cost of Invisalign® treatment is similar to braces, but that’s where the similarity ends. Invisalign clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible, so you can keep living your life and caring for your teeth throughout treatment the same way you always have.

And Invisalign treatment can up to 50 percent faster with weekly aligner changes.

Invisalign treatment is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. No other treatment system can offer:

  • innovations based on 20 years of research,
  • a track record of more than 4 million patients, and
  • proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack® material, proven to fit better and more comfortably.
What Determines Your Cost?

Talk with your Dr. Vlahos about the value of a professional fit and in-office visits to track your progress. And then ask about the cost of your Invisalign treatment (generally ranges between $3500 to 5500). This will be determined by:

  • the complexity of your case,
  • how long you are in treatment
Payment Plans

Dr. Vlahos offers flexible and affordable monthly payment plans. If cost is a concern for you, discuss your options with him, Julie or Joanna.

How Do I Start?

Your Invisalign treatment starts with a complimentary consultation.  You will meet Dr. Vlahos and his team and he can discuss with you how Invisalign can help you.  He will take the time to fully discuss your treatment options and answer all of your questions including flexible and affordable payment plans.  If possible, he can provide a no obligation iTero digital scan of your teeth that appointment so that you can see what Invisalign can do for your smile.  To proceed with the treatment, we would need current xrays and photographs of your teeth and face, and a necessary pre treatment thorough examination of not only your teeth but also of your gums, jaw muscles and jaw joints.  This is to ensure there are no undetected underlying problems that may affect your Invisalign treatment.  Once that is done, your information is submitted to Invisalign.  About 10-14 days later, your treatment will begin.  You will schedule an appointment to get your aligners and you are on your way to straighter teeth and a beautiful, healthy smile!

Contact our office today at 905-937-4673 or [email protected] to set up a complimentary consultation.  Many patients in St. Catharines and Niagara  have already done so!

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